About the Artist

“Spending my early years in Accra, Ghana before coming to Nigeria, got me fascinated with the tro-tro (Mammy wagons) and their one-liners, which grew to a selection of traditional proverbs made popular by head broads, bumper write-ups on bus, taxi, tricycles and street signs.

It was my choice to keep on with this as my works had become Afrocentric with a twist of Pop Art and urban Art; mostly having calligraphic finish and write-ups of traditional proverbs and vernacular. To express myself freely; I had to educate most people whom connected with my works but needed clarification on most words or sentences they found on them. This also grew my interest in pigeon English which was totally forbidden in my home growing up. I had to go back to the streets to get the meanings of some slangs I recorded not only on canvas but with my camera and others in my diary. My friend – Tam Fiofori and I then coined my experiment AFRO-POP ART as it best suited my body of work for my first major solo exhibition back in 2009.

Now I feel boxed being called a Pop Artist! When I simply prefer to be an Artist (D-ARTIST) as I do many other things not just Pop Art.”

Diseye Tantua is a graduate of the department of Fine and Applied‎ Art, Ignatius Ajuru University, Port Harcourt.

With over a decade experience in full time studio practice, his contribution to the Arts and Art Education has earned him many awards. A member of several prestigious groups; which includes the GUILD OF PROFESSIONAL FINE ARTIST OF NIGERIA (GFA), and is the Chairman, SOCIETY OF NIGERIAN ARTIST (Rivers State Chapter) and recently elected as the Vice President (South East National).

Diseye has exhibited extensively both home and abroad.