About the Artist

Diseye TantuaDiseye Tantua is the Vice President, Society of Nigerian Artist (South East) and a member of the Guild of Professional Fine Artist of Nigeria (GFA).

Born to Nigerian and Ghanaian parents, Tantua studied fine and applied art at the Ignatius Ajuru University, Port Harcourt. After graduating in 2001, Diseye Tantua remained a full time artist best known for his iconic style of “Afro Pop Art”, combining graphics symbols, bold colours, and expressive text style of urban art with an Afrocentric vibe typically captioned with satirical vernacular.

Tantua’s three dimensional art forms are as a result of his longstanding relationship with master artist and architect Demas Nwoko. His new experiments made from classic car parts, creating chairs, beds, stunning couches and tables, have been welded and painted to breathe new life into salvage car parts.

His brand ‘D-ARTIST’, have adorned homes and outstanding resturant’s. His works have been exhibited both local and internationally, forming part of many significant collections.

Artist Statement

My works are self explanatory as I always try to simplify my message for easy communication with my audience.

Carefully and playfully, I reconstruct some one-liners found on headboards/tail-boards of buses and mammy wagons; it also includes a mix of street slangs and African traditional proverbs, mostly in pidgin-English.

All these makes it easy and interesting for my viewers to have something to discuss as everyone has their own interpretation of these witty one-liners loaded with wisdom and advice.

In one painting, I played with a harmony of Colours repeatedly not forgetting the primary focus which is the message. It gives a sense of nostalgia when you first approach my paintings.

The drawings in my paintings are intentionally created like a manifestation of laziness but in critical sense it shows my ability and strength in basic drawing which is the foundation of Art.